June 21, 2013

Today At Cathedral: Keri Russell Photo Shoot

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s always something interesting going on at the Cathedral Creative Studios office. Of course, part of that is just because we’re just so awesome (insert canned laughter here). The much bigger reason for a constant parade of fun times in our general vicinity is the fact that we’ve made our home at L’entrepot, a creative arts hub, gallery & events space in the heart of the New Orleans Arts District.

Cathedral’s office is just a small parcel of the overall footprint of L’entrepot, which also encompasses the acclaimed restaurant Carmo Cafe, a lovely gallery/events space, a solarium, and even more space upstairs that’s being used for a top secret project that we aren’t allowed to divulge just yet. (Hint: it’s going to be delicious.) Since L’entrepot first opened a couple of years ago, the space has become a sought-after location for all sorts of interesting events, from art shows and poetry readings to wedding receptions and musical performances.

When it’s not in use for outside events, it’s also the perfect photo studio. Our Creative Director and resident photographer, Loc Pham, regularly uses the space to take head shots, product shots, portraits & fashion spreads. We also rent the space to local photographers in search of just the right backdrop for their

professional still and video shoots. In fact, if you’re a fan of the HBO hit Treme, you’ll see L’entrepot (and Loc) featured in the final episode of the fourth season.

Every day at L’entrepot offers some new spectacle, and today was no different. This morning we welcomed photographer Daymon Gardner and crew in to photograph a spread for Bon Appetit magazine, featuring the lovely Keri Russell, star of the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the

Apes. Ever wonder how much work goes into making one gorgeous photo for a magazine? Now you know!

Photographer Daymon Gardner & assistant David Gillies prepare for the day's shoot.

Photographer Daymon Gardner & assistant David Gillies prepare for the day’s shoot.

Daymon-Bon Appetit--2

Daymon Gardner captures a candid moment with Keri Russell, as his talented crew members look on.

If you’re interested in renting out our space to use for your own photo or video project, get in touch!