May 23, 2013

The Astonishing X-Box One? [Part Two]


Yesterday, Gary and I spoke a little bit about our initial impressions on the Xbox One launch. Today, we’re wrapping things up with a little comparison and price speculation.

Since we last spoke, fan consensus on the rollout has ranged from somewhat wary to downright frothing-with-anger. Compared canada drugs online cialis to the sneak peak given at the PS4, the noise has been a lot louder. How do you think the strategies differed, from a marketing perspective? Xbox certainly established a narrative, but now Sony has right of response, canada pharmacy online don’t they?

That’s the interesting thing about this launch, the strategies are completely opposite to one another. Playstation hit first with their conference in February, where they showed

almost nothing but gameplay footage, with Killzone being the only one showcasing something remarkably new. The only part of the actual console shown was the controller. Allusions were made to certain functionalities, but largely the focus was on the games. Whereas mentioned previously, Xbox spent three quarters of their reveal showing off the console and very little gameplay. As for Sony having the right of response, I believe they intended it that way. I think they got a whiff of when Microsoft was going to reveal, preempted with hyping upcoming games while still getting their console to a presentable place. Enough to market during Xbox’s reveal, then try to one up Microsoft at an actual console reveal in June. Very smart, but in the end they are each aiming at different parts of the target.

Alright, final question on this launch: what’s your price prediction? I’m thinking that with all of this stuff about replacing other components, we’re getting primed for a bit of sticker shock. What say you?

Certainly, Santa’s face is gonna be pretty pale when he checks Amazon this year. Last generation’s prices, particularly that of the PS3, really pressed buy cialis on the roof of what most people consider reasonable cost for a game console. Despite knowing little about the PS4 console, I have no doubt it will also be comparable on the level of replacing other boxes in the home. Both consoles are taking an all-or-nothing gamble for the living room, and there can only be room for one; probably literally this Time if the PS4 is sized similar. As far as a price guess, it seems to me more likely that because Sony wants to maintain it’s public identity of high performance and high end, the PS4 will be the more expensive out of the gate, similar to last generation. Factoring in components and the acceptable price people are accustomed to pay for gadgets nowadays, I would guess the Xbox One price to be at least $500, and the PS4 at least $600. Though it would not surprise me at all if it were higher, and no doubt they will have multiple options for storage space and peripherals.

Though cialis online generic it could all change, someone could pull a fast one. Like I said, they are in high stakes now, there can be only one of these do-it-all devices in a home. It’s going to be whichever gets the first purchase. If they are comparable and one is significantly cheaper, Santa’s checking

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